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Code of Conduct

The disciplinary committee members of BCHT of the college are concerned primarily with good habits forming of students toward their academic pursuit and social life that the school will be proud of tomorrow.

In view of this, all students and members of staff are hereby enjoined to adhere to the under listed rules and regulations so as to bring moral sanctity, excellent academic performance and good health relationship among health workers in and outside school premises

1. Verification of certificate/results of all cadres of new intake would be done within 4 weeks of resumption.

2. Classes open daily from Monday to Friday; except on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Any expedient directives imposed from time to time must be duly respected.

3. Pregnancy during the courses period is prohibited. Any time a student is pregnant she will go on maternity leave and join the next set in compensation for lost period.

4. No student shall, individual or in league with any other person or persons, does anything capable of disturbing the peace of this institution or part thereof. Any student who engages in such activity may be expelled.

5. Lateness and cases of unauthorized absence and deliberate infringement of any of the rules contained herein shall be officially reported to appropriate employers/sponsors.

6. Unless on practical postings student must not go out of the school during official hours without express permission of the school authority. When seeking permission, the following must be stated in writing.

a. Reason

b. Name and Address of where you are visiting

c. The relationship with the person being visited

7. While on practical postings students would obtain permission to travel out of station from their supervising officers.

a. 90% attendance is necessary for both academic and practical experience before any student could be allowed to take both state and national examinations of any kind. A candidate caught cheating in any part of the examinations shall be disqualified in that paper or subjected to any other appropriate disciplinary action.

b. Any student who defaults from practical setting would be sent back to complete the experience missed or be asked to repeat the year as the case may be.

8. Any misbehavior of any student to the staff of the school should be reported to the disciplinary committee for necessary action.

9. Students shall pass all correspondence through coordinators and H.O.D. and not directly to the Provost

10. Nobody should damage college property. Any accident damage like breaking of louvers must be reported at once.

11. On course completion, student should hand-over all school books and any other school property in his/her possession to the librarian or any tutor.


Change of Name for Married Women

Student reserve the right to change their maiden name particularly females and are therefore given opportunity to do so by the school.

A student wishing to change their names should apply giving details of their particular such as the matriculation number, former name, course of study, year of study, newspaper publication, sworn affidavit and other relevant documents. The application should be forwarded to the provost through the students HOD.


Conduct During Internal Examinations

Candidates are advised to follow the under listed regulations governing the conduct of all internal examination at the BCHT Ogbomoso.

  1. Candidates are to be admitted into the examination hall only on production of original receipts of payment of fees and school identity card.
  2. Candidates writing examination shall be expected to have fully paid all prescribed fees for the year.
  3. Candidates must be in attendance punctually at the time assigned to their papers and must be ready to be admitted into the examination hall 30 minutes before the time the examination is due to start. Candidates shall be permitted to enter the examination hall 10 minutes after the commencement of examination.
  4. Candidates are prohibited from bringing into the examination hall any reading materials such as lecture notes, textbooks etc., as such materials will be confiscated and candidate disqualified.
  5. Oral or written communication between students while an examination is in progress is strictly forbidden, and any candidate found to be giving or receiving undue assistance will be required to withdraw from the examination.
  6. Candidates must not for whatever reason tear or fold an answer sheet or booklet.
  7. Candidates are advised in their own interest to write legibly their examination numbers on all sheets used. lf any term or wording used in a question is not clear, candidate should invite the invigilator by simply raising his/her hand
  8. Silence must be observed in the examination hall.


Examination Discipline

a) Any student found guilty of Examination malpractice shall be expelled from the school.

b) Examination malpractice is defined as every act of cheating which directly or indirectly falsify the ability of the student. These include cheating within an examination related offences such as:

  • Impersonation
  • Copying or reading from another candidate’s script
  • Involvement in leaking examination question
  • Forging or altering medical report in order to obtain deferment of examination.
  • Lobbying for examination mark or grader by whatever means.
  • Illegal removal of answer script from the examination hall.
  • Refusal to stop writing when ordered to do so.
  • Intimidation of invigilators within and outside the examination.
  • Attempt to destroy and/or destruction of evidence of examination malpractice
  • Being in possession of “micro paper clips” containing useful information on subject under examination.
  • Soliciting for help during an examination and other acts calculated to confer undue advantage on the student


c) Any student, who aids, abets, or examination malpractice shall be guilty as a principal offender and liable to be punished accordingly.

d) All cases of examination malpractice shall be reported immediately after the examinations or incident to the chairman, School Disciplinary Committee by the HOD of the student(s) concerned who must attach a written report from the invigilator who discovered or witnessed the malpractice and written statement obtained from the student(s).

e) The school disciplinary’ committee must meet with members & forward recommended disciplinary action report of the examination malpractice to the provost for ratification within one week of his receipt of the report mentions in (d) above.


General Misconduct and Attendant Penalties

a. FIGHTING: Physical combat between students in school premises at practical station and /or residential quarters.

Penalty: Expulsion from school.

b. ASSAULT: A student that molest a lecturer or fellow student is guilty of assault

Penalty: 3 months suspension from school

c. QUARREL: Hot exchange of words between students or between a student and a lecturer.

Penalty: 2 month suspension

d. STEALING: Any student caught stealing if resident in the hostel area shall be expelled from the hostel, if resident outside the school, shall be required to face the school disciplinary committee.

e. Use of unauthorized cooking methods in the hostel where accommodation is arranged

Penalty: Seizure of cooking utensils and suspension from the hostel for the rest of the session.

f. Damage to the school property willfully or accidentally.

Penalty: Cost of repair or replacement shall be borne by the student(s) involved,

g. SECRET CULT MEMBERSHIP: any student belonging to a secret cult on campus.

Penalty: Expulsion from school and handover to police for prosecution.

h. RAPE OR ATTEMPTED RAPE: A student who rapes or attempt to rape a fellow student will be expelled from school and handed over to the police.

i. PROSTITUTION: A female student found engaging in prostitution will be expelled from the school.

j. DEMONSTRATIONS/RIOTS. Unauthorized gathering of students for protest march, demonstrations or riots is an offense

i. Closure of school

ii. Ringleaders of such demonstration/riots will be expelled from school while the rest of the student population will be surcharged for damages involved.

k. EXCRETING/URINATING INDECENTLY: School management have made provision for restrooms where students are not allowed to defecate or urinate in places like classroom, open fields etc., which constitute a nuisance to the school community if caught will be suspended for one month.

l. ILLEGAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION: any association or club operating on campus without formal approval and registration by school authority is considered illegal.

Penalty: The leaders of such Association or Club shall be suspended and the association proscribed.

m. NOISE MAKING/ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR. Noise making and anti-social behavior by a student or group of students e.g. praying aloud or fellowshipping or singing chorus during school period is considered misconduct.

Penalty: The student or group of students involved will face the school disciplinary committee for appropriate punishment while their leader(s) will be suspended for 3 months.



i. A student is considered to have passed the promotion examination if he or she has scored 50% and above on the average.

ii. A student is considered to have failed the promotion examination if he or she has scored below 50% on the average.

iii. A student who failed the promotion examination with an average score of between 40&49 will be asked to re-sit the examination.

iv. A student who failed the promotion examination with an average score of between 30&39 will be asked to repeat the class.

v. A student who failed the promotion examination with a score of below 30% will be advised to withdraw. In keeping with one of the National Examination Board or Council Regulations, any student that failed practical examination is considered to have failed the whole examination and such a student will be asked to repeat the class.


Class Period and Attendance

Classes are expected to begin at_________ and end at_________ . Students should endeavor to attend classes. Students who do not meet 70% attendance per semester or session will be disallowed to write the semester or sessional examinations.

Attendance at examinations, department, seminars, laboratory practical and practical stations is compulsory. No student will be allowed into the class unless he/she has been fully registered for the course


Re-Sit Examinations

The pass mark for student in internal examinations is 50%. Students who failed internal exams like promotion exam with an average score of between 40 & 49 are required to resit and pass the promotion examination before being promoted to the next class. Students who fail resit examinations are required to repeat the class.

In PHN & EHT departments, it a student fails the resit examination he/she is required to repeat the course before being allowed to take the next higher course. No carryover of course is allowed.


Official Method of Protest by Students

An aggrieved student particularly over examination scores may appeal through his or her head of department to the provost for re-assessment of his/her examination script on payment of appropriate fee per course requiring re-assessment.

  • An application by any sympathizer for the re-assessment of the examination script of another student.
  • Group appeal requesting for the re-assessment of script of all candidates that were examined in a particular course.

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