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Application for Admission

There are two ways to obtain applications form:

i. Online

ii. Offline

To obtain the form and apply online, visit this online application instruction.

To apply offline, the form is obtained after payment of the prescribed fee, payment is exchanged with relevant payment receipts, which should at all times be in possession of the applicant.

Application should be in the candidate’s handwriting on the schools approved admission form.

Applicant should note the following:

  1. Form purchased must bear the name as appear on the receipt and any correspondence thereafter must carry that name.
  2. All portions of the form must be filled as appropriate.
  3. Surname should be underlined in all correspondences.
  4. Form purchase should be completed and returned to the school on or before the date indicated on the form for that purpose.
  5. All completed application forms should be submitted with:
  • Evidence of sponsorship
  • 2 self-addresses, stamped envelopes
  • Photocopy of receipt for the form

List of successful candidates will be placed on the school’s Bulletin Board within the school’s premises, through SMS, email and also posted on the school’s website.

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