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General Entry Requirements

Each candidate must register his/her interest to pursue a course of study. Candidates should endeavor to look at the School Programmes for the available courses.

General Entry Requirements

  1.  No age limit, provided the candidate satisfies basic entry qualification
  2.  Mature minded and highly disciplined individuals who must possess all the attributes of being healthy i.e. Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual, Cultural and Moral.
  3.  Good, citizenry with large capacity for learning, lacking criminal tendencies. He/She must be able to abide with the rules and regulations of the school.
  4.  Ability to get cut-off pass mark in the entrance Examination conducted by the school in respect of the course of choice.

Special Note

  1. In addition to fulfilling the general entry requirements, applicants will be required to meet the stipulated requirement for their course of choice.
  2. The school is a uniform wearing institution.
  3. Students who enter with forged certificate will be handed over to the Police directly when they are uncovered. They stand expulsion from the school.

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