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Examination Discipline

a) Any student found guilty of Examination malpractice shall be expelled from the school.

b) Examination malpractice is defined as every act of cheating which directly or indirectly falsify the ability of the student. These include cheating within an examination related offences such as

  • Impersonation
  • Copying or reading from another candidate’s script
  • Involvement in leaking examination question
  • Forging or altering medical report in order to obtain deferment of examination.
  • Lobbying for examination mark or grader by whatever means.
  • Illegal removal of answer script from the examination hall.
  • Refusal to stop writing when ordered to do so.
  • Intimidation of invigilators within and outside the examination.
  • Attempt to destroy and/or destruction of evidence of examination malpractice
  • Being in possession of “micro paper clips” containing useful information on subject under examination.
  • Soliciting for help during an examination and other acts calculated to confer undue advantage on the student

c) Any student, who aids, abets, or examination malpractice shall be guilty as a principal offender and liable to be punished accordingly.

d) All cases of examination malpractice shall be reported immediately after the examinations or incident to the chairman, School Disciplinary Committee by the HOD of the student(s) concerned who must attach a written report from the invigilator who discovered or witnessed the malpractice and written statement obtained from the student(s).

e) The school disciplinary’ committee must meet with members & forward recommended disciplinary action report of the examination malpractice to the provost for ratification within one week of his receipt of the report mentions in (d) above.

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